Why Paper Isn’t the Only Thing You Should Be Shredding

Jun 28, 2017

Document shredding has become a fairly well known practice and it occurs on a regular basis throughout hundreds of thousands of businesses in the United States. Have you ever wondered if documents are the only thing in your office that you should be destroying? It turns out paper documents aren’t the only sources of sensitive information that should be destroyed upon expiration, or when no longer of use. If your business uses computers or cell phones, read on.

Hard drives and storage drives are incredible pieces of technology which have changed how businesses operate on a day to day basis. They have allowed for the dramatic increase in the security of information storage, and accessibility of information. But what happens when a file gets deleted? Or what if you upgrade one, two or all of the computers in your office? Does the information on those hard drives really go away when you hit the delete button? Are you deleting your information at all?

Turns out, hard drives aren’t so simple in function after all. When a file is “deleted”, it isn’t actually completely erased forever. The rise in accessibility to knowledge through technology has increased the ability to recover “lost” data from hard drives that are left intact, even if the information has been deleted. This is what allows data recovery businesses to operate. The consequences of a disposed hard drive getting in the wrong hands can be equivalent or worse than if your sensitive documents got into the wrong hands. Hard drives carry more information than you may even realize, so it’s important they get disposed of properly.

ShredPro Secure is pleased to offer hard drive destruction services in addition to our standard-setting document shredding services. This service involves the complete destruction of hard drives into an irreversible state, just as we do with paper documents. The benefit is that no information can virtually ever be recovered when the drive is destroyed. Our process ensures all of the platters, discs, and NAND chips are completely destroyed to ensure that it becomes virtually impossible to recover any sort of data from these drives once destroyed.

Additionally, just as we do with document destruction, we can shred hard drives on-site with our mobile hard drive destruction solutions. What are the benefits of mobile service?

  • Accessibility – We bring the shred truck to your office, so you don’t have to come to us.
  • Security – Our trucks are highly secured, so your hard drives, destroyed or in-tact, are always monitored to make sure they end up where they are supposed to be.
  • Flexibility – Our schedule revolves around you. We can arrive on-site whenever works best for you and your business.
  • No Fuss – Once on-site, our professional and certified staff can take care of collecting the drives to be destroyed once they have been marked as such by your office.

Next time you find yourself disposing of a computer, cell phone, server or hard drive in the Knoxville area, contact us to discuss whether you should be destroying it first! (865).986.5444

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