Meet Our Team

Cathy Stooksbury

Cathy Stooksbury

Cathy is a graduate of The University of Tennessee. She brings over 10 years’ experience in the shredding industry to ShredPro Secure. In her previous position, she was responsible for National Accounts for a large, regional shredding company.

General Manager / Member

Jonas Rice

Jonas is a graduate of The University of Tennessee. He has over 20 years’ experience in large corporate banking and finance. Additionally, he has worked as an adviser to a large regional shredding company for approximately 15 years through its inception, growth and ultimate sale. Jonas is responsible for the overall day to day management of the company.

Director of Operations

Greg Seaver

Greg brings over 18 years’ experience in the shredding industry to ShredPro Secure. As Director of Operations, Greg is involved in personnel management, routing and scheduling, customer service and logistical operations for the company.

Senior Customer Service Representative

David Turrentine

David brings almost a decade of experience to ShredPro Secure and understands the importance of making sure that we are delivering secure, friendly and responsive service to our clients every day.

District Supervisor / Tri-Cities

Jordan Blevins

Jordan enjoys building personal relationships with his clients and strives to make sure that they all receive exceptional service. Jordan was raised in East Tennessee and he brings approximately 10 years of experience to ShredPro Secure. When Jordan isn’t working, you can usually find him taking part in some type of outdoor activity.

Dorsey Brown
Customer Service Representative

Dorsey Brown

Dorsey appreciates and enjoys delivering professional, secure shredding services to our clients every day.  He is always eager and willing to help our clients whenever the need arises. Dorsey brings over 5 years experience in the shredding industry to ShredPro Secure.

Sales & Office Coordinator

Anita Pross

Anita is a people person! She loves interacting with our clients and helping them whenever they need it. As our Sales & Office Coordinator, Anita is responsible for managing the office operations and ensuring that all of our clients are being provided with the highest level of service possible. When not working at ShredPro, Anita can be found in her garden or playing with her new granddaughter.

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