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Responsible Hard Drive Destruction from ShredPro Secure

With the continued increase of digital storage, it is critical that businesses and individuals maintain a secure process for the disposal of their electronic media.  When old hard drives or other electronic media come to the end of their useful life it is imperative that all information, especially information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, proprietary information and credit information are completely destroyed. The only way to ensure that sensitive information once stored on a drive can never be recovered again is through hard drive shredding.

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Simply Deleting Files Is Not Enough

Hard drive shredding is the complete physical destruction of a hard drive. It is 100% reliably guaranteed to obliterate all information previously stored. Data wiping software may still leave data intact. The efficacy of destroying important information by using these other methods is not as dependable as hard drive shredding is.

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On-Site Hard Drive Destruction

ShredPro Secure uses the most advanced mobile shredding technology available to ensure your electronic media is completely destroyed at your location.  Our professional staff comes directly to your business allowing you to witness the process. We also provide a detailed certificate of destruction for your records once the process is complete.

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