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By the time you finish reading this page, an area of 100 football fields of forest trees will be destroyed by humans. But don’t stop there, because we have great news! Not only does ShredPro Secure recycle the paper we shred, but we also plant trees! And we want you to be a part of it, too!

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Where Do We Plant Trees?

We’re focusing our tree planting initiatives in beautiful Appalachia, with a mountain range stretching all the way from New York to Alabama, running right through our own backyard in Tennessee and Virginia. You’ll find more than 150 species of trees in Appalachia. We live here, we love our forests, and we want them to thrive.

Why Do We Plant Them?

83% of Appalachia’s natural habitat has been lost or altered over the years. Conserving and restoring forests benefits the biodiversity of the land that is filled with remarkable plants and animals. 

Reforestation also improves and protects streams and rivers. Did you know that forests store huge amounts of carbon, locking it inside them and reducing net carbon emissions?

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Appalachia’s communities were hit hard during the last decade’s economic downturn and the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the positive environmental impact, tree planting provides jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers as well as boosting local tourism. As you can see, tree planting is a win-win initiative for the local community and our planet as a whole.

One Tree Planted Partner

How Do We Do It?

ShredPro Secure will plant 5 trees in the Appalachan region for each new, recurring shredding customer! To do this the right way, ShredPro Secure has partnered with, a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation. While we are securely and safely shredding your sensitive documents and recycling the shredded paper, we also want to plant new trees to replace the ones that are harvested and lost in wildfires.


OneTreePlanted has been focusing on reforestation since 2014. Who wouldn’t want to be part of their always-growing mission? In 8 years, they have planted more than 40 million trees in 43 countries—and more than half of those were planted in 2021! It’s that kind of success story that led us to partner with OneTreePlanted.

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You can also help restore the planet’s ecosystem and better the future for your children and grandchildren by relying on the professional shredding services of ShredPro Secure in Tennessee and Virginia. We securely shred your confidential information and recycle the resulting material so it can be made into new products. For more information or for a quote, call us today at 865-986-5444 or complete the form on this page. Come build a better world with us!

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