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01 October 2018

Help Our Communities

Close communities are a great thing to experience. When everyone gets along, watches out for each other, and gets together for events it creates a feeling of great friendship, and in some cases of extended family. These close communities do their best to keep each other safe from all kinds of harm, but there’s one […]

30 August 2018

How Document Shredding Helps You

When people think about document shredding they are often thinking of it solely as a way to clean up space. While it certainly does work as a way to clear up the clutter of old papers, its primary concern is protecting your private information from the risks of identity theft. Carelessly discarded documents can lead […]

04 July 2018

What’s With All Those Mobile Shredding Trucks?

When looking up different shred companies to take care of your shredding, you’ll notice a common trend among them: they all have these shredder trucks for on site shredding. Now some people aren’t sure what the big deal is with these trucks and often wonder why all of these companies are jumping on the train […]

06 June 2018

How Paper Recycling Is Reducing Our Impact

Despite this digital age we now live in, the usage of paper has continued to sky rocket. In the last 20 years alone, paper use has increased 126%! 92 million tons has now turned into 208 million tons. This leads to a shocking 67 million trees a year being used for paper in the United […]

03 May 2018

Are You Up to Date On Compliance?

For any company, individual, or organization that handles sensitive documents, there are certain regulations and laws that must be observed. The specifics can vary from state to state but they all generally cover the same thing; ensuring information is handled and disposed of properly and securely, to limit the risks of identity theft. If you […]

02 May 2018

Do You Know How to Dispose of Your old Hard Drives Properly?

There’s a misconception out there that deleting files on your computer means that data has been destroyed. The definition of the word “delete” certainly lends weight to the idea that deleting files renders the data beyond the reach of recovery. Unfortunately this is not the case and someone who is committed, has time, and the […]

10 March 2018

Have You Taken the Time to Shred Old Documents Yet?

Spring time is here! With the passing of winter and the revitalization of nature comes a period of relief, happiness, and cleaning. Windows are opened to let in the breeze, dusters are pulled out, and we finally get to put away jackets and boots. It’s time to get at those chores with the good weather […]

13 February 2018

Replace Your Office Shredder with Professional Document Shredding

The majority of companies across the United States are now well familiar with the importance behind secure, document disposal habits. In a day where information theft is an increasing concern and occurring all of the time, it’s essential that you are implementing secure, document management practices to protect sensitive information. You store and circulate confidential […]

06 September 2017

When It Comes to Shredding, One Particular Piece of Paper is Always Critical

  Beginning the process of sorting your documents can be arduous, especially if you aren’t sure what you should be shredding, if you don’t have your documents to be shred organized, and if you have concerns regarding the security of the data in the documents. ShredPro Secure understands these concerns and is always seeking to […]

06 September 2017

Document Shredding and the Legal Aspects

Companies in the United States must follow several laws regarding day-to-day operations. As you may have guessed, some of this legislation directly refers to the secure disposal of sensitive documents, or better yet secure document shredding as a crucial component in protecting information. ShredPro Secure’s team of experts in Knoxville are well aware of the […]