How to Choose a Local Shredding Company

Making a choice about any decision in life requires some research and knowledge about that particular subject. A few ways to choose a local shredding company might involve researching and observing reviews and feedback from previous customers and businesses, but those could be inaccurate or affected by unknown or subjective factors. You could obtain the…
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Best Practices for Disposing of Confidential Legal Documents

Proper disposal of confidential legal documents is essential to protecting sensitive information and maintaining data security. Improperly discarding legal documents can leave them vulnerable to theft and misuse, potentially causing significant harm. In this article, we will outline the best practices for disposing of confidential legal documents, highlighting the places where you should not dispose…
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Celebrating Earth Day One Document at a Time

You’re a fan of Earth Day and protecting the environment is a concern of yours, but making changes to your paper use seems overwhelming, and it’s hard to imagine that one person’s or even one company’s habits are enough to make a real difference. The great news is that you can make a difference—one document…
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Don’t Drop Your Documents in the Blue Bin

The Weakest Link Suppose you were driving home and you swerved off the road to avoid a deer and got your car stuck in a ditch. You call a highly-recommended towing company and they bring their most powerful tow truck with four-wheel drive and a winch with a cable that can handle a vehicle of…
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Are You Up to Date on 2023 Data Protection Laws?

As a business that generates, handles and destroys data on a regular basis, you are required to comply with the laws by protecting that sensitive information. In addition, you also need to keep up with the changes to those laws and the addition of new ones over time. 2023 is no exception when it comes…
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Do You Know the Data Disposal Laws Affecting Your Business?

If your business creates, stores and uses personal data of any kind, you are required to comply with multiple federal and state laws that specify how you must handle and dispose of that data. Here are a few of the essential federal laws that will affect how your business handles personal data. FACTA With the…
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