It’s Purge Time for Your Records

Least-Desirable Months If you’re not a fan of the months of January and February and are grateful to see them in the past, you might have enjoyed being a Roman prior to 150 BC, when neither month existed on the calendar and March was the official first month of the year. According to YouGovAmerica, January…
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Why You Need a Locally-Owned, East Tennessee Paper Shredding Partner

Whether you love living in and building your business in East Tennessee because of the low taxes, the Great Smoky Mountains, or the highly-regarded schools and universities, or The Tennessee VOLS, you probably also enjoy doing business with people in your local community. Have you considered using a locally-owned, East Tennessee paper shredding partner to…
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Tips To Successfully Work From Home

Those lucky enough to have the option available to them have suddenly found themselves working from home. For many, this may be a completely new experience, and adapting from office life could be difficult. In order to maintain a successful work from home routine, we have some tips for your consideration. Tips for Working From…
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Residential Shredding During COVID-19

With many businesses turning to remote working conditions so daily work can continue, employees are faced with some important responsibilities. One of these is the fact that they are now going to be producing secure business records right at home, instead of the workplace. This does have the side effect of transferring more of the…
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When Is Purge Shredding Right For You?

Small businesses and homeowners may not need to arrange a scheduled service to achieve their shredding needs, simply because they are not producing records regularly enough to justify it. So what to do then? You will still need to be on top of your records, and that includes shredding them. Fortunately, there is a specific…
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Using Scheduled Shredding To Stay Compliant

As you may be aware by now, you have legal responsibilities when it comes to the safe handling of private information. Being in compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid running afoul with the law, not to mention what could happen from information theft.  Some may think it a difficult task to keep on…
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