Have You Taken the Time to Shred Old Documents Yet?

Mar 10, 2018

Spring time is here! With the passing of winter and the revitalization of nature comes a period of relief, happiness, and cleaning. Windows are opened to let in the breeze, dusters are pulled out, and we finally get to put away jackets and boots. It’s time to get at those chores with the good weather and then enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. While you commence with the spring clean, you should also dispose of old documents and files while you’re at it.

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Pulling Out Old Documents

Often times we find lots of old things we’ve forgotten were placed in storage long ago. Papers pile up and get placed in a box, or inside an old file cabinet, and are forgotten until rediscovered. Hopefully none of these have been sensitive files that anyone who passed by could have access to. Getting rid of them while you are going through your household or office doing your spring cleaning tasks is the perfect opportunity to get rid of them safely.

If you’re a homeowner you might be thinking that the amount you have for shredding isn’t large enough to bother with. After all, a shoe box or two really isn’t that much now is it? You’d be very wrong to think this way. Any amount of unsecured documents is too much, and at ShredPro Secure, no job is too big or small for us to take care of.

Another concern you might have, especially if you have a large quantity of files to be taken care of, is how on earth are you going to transport all of these? “There’s too much for me to manage!” you declare loudly as you place them back in the closet. Fortunately we’ve got the perfect solution for this kind of thinking; convenient mobile shredding that comes right to your location.

Mobile Shredding Comes to You

Mobile document shredding is a service that brings professional document destruction right to your location. This service, our most popular, is perfect for both residents and businesses. Our advanced mobile shred truck arrives at a time and place of your choosing to carry out the shredding. This truck has an industrial grade shredder inside of it that can handle large volumes of paper. No need to even remove staples, paper clips, or folders.

ShredPro Secure is an East Tennessee based shredding company dedicated to making professional shredding services as available to all residents and businesses as possible. When you’re ready to get shredding with the new season, reach out to us.

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