Document Shredding Services for Gatlinburg, TN

Companies throughout the Gatlinburg area are regularly generating, sharing, and storing business records on a routine basis, the bulk of these records being highly sensitive in nature.  Partnering with a reputable document shredding provider like ShredPro Secure, gives you an easy and secure method of disposal that promises protection over your information.  Gain peace of mind in knowing that your confidential material will remain 100% secure in our hands, as we make certain that documents are permanently destroyed through our industry-leading shred technology and strict chain of custody that’s followed throughout every step of the process.  Secure document destruction is the only type of disposal that protects your privacy following disposal. Keep your company information, customer data, and employee details protected, with professional document destruction solutions.

Compliant and Professional Document Destruction Services

It’s worth remembering that document shredding is not only wise business practice, it’s also a legal responsibility for your Gatlinburg company. Under strict privacy laws, if you own or operate a business in Gatlinburg, you have a legal obligation to ensure all private information is effectively protected. Key legislation like what is outlined under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) have established industry standards associated with protecting sensitive material, before and following disposal.

ShredPro Secure is happy to provide clients with trustworthy and customized shredding services throughout the Gatlinburg region. We have extensive experience providing both one-time purges and reoccurring scheduled services, for both small and large companies.

Ensure your employees have the opportunity to perform the job duties they were hired to carry out; shredding in-house takes significant time and dedication, distracting staff from critical business tasks that are of much higher priority.  When you partner with ShredPro Secure in Gatlinburg, your employees can continue performing important job duties that contribute to your business; we’ll handle your shredding.  Shredding in-house is difficult to manage and monitor, and therefore isn’t a reliable means of destruction. It often gets forgotten about altogether if employees begin to get too busy with their individual schedules. This is a risk in itself that can be avoided when you outsource this process.

ShredPro Secure Offers:

  • Scheduled On-site Document Destruction – With this easy option, clients can select from a weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks service, depending on budget and shredding needs. Clients are supplied with lockable collection bins at no extra cost, and the shredding of your documents is completed directly on-site at your Gatlinburg place of business.
  • One-time Purge Shredding – This service is a great solution for Gatlinburg clients who may be moving in the near future or require a large purge of their records. One-time purge shredding is suitable for those who only require occasional service.
  • Residential Document Shredding – If you have junk mail such as bank statements and receipts beginning to flood your cupboards, we will look after shredding these for you. Our professional team will securely destroy all material directly at your Gatlinburg Business.
  • Hard Drive Shredding Services – While many companies continue to delete or wipe a hard drive to remove data, this method does not guarantee files have been wiped for good. In fact, in many cases it can still be retrieved with special software. As electronic data management is continuously on the rise, it’s even more important to keep your hard drives protected securely. The only form of data removal that is 100% dependable is through professional, hard drive destruction.

Why Choose ShredPro Secure in Gatlinburg?

Working with ShredPro Secure for your shredding needs will help your business limit its internal business costs and keep you in compliance with crucial privacy legislation. Our expert team is proud to hold a NAID AAA Certified status, which means as a customer you receive shredding services that directly reflect specific guidelines under these industry standards.

At the end of each shred job, we always give our Gatlinburg clients written proof of the destruction, a Certificate of Destruction that indicates what was shred, with the date, time, and method of destruction.

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