Document Shredding Services for Jefferson City, TN

Businesses in Jefferson City are creating and sharing business data on a daily basis. Documents pertaining to customers, employees or business plans are a common sight in most offices. It is critical that these records are protected properly while in storage as well as through until disposal, to maintain confidentiality. Partnering with a professional and experienced Document Destruction Company like ShredPro Secure will ensure that your sensitive documents are shred thoroughly before disposal. With our commitment to information security, clients can rest assured that their privacy will remain entirely protected throughout the shredding process. Our meticulous shredding approach ensures 100% security over your information so that there is no chance of unauthorized exposure. Professional shredding is the only form of document disposal that guarantees your confidential business information, client details, and employee records, stay protected after disposal.

Professional and Reliable Document Shredding Services

Always remember that document shredding is more than a smart business practice, it is also a legal obligation for business owners. In fact, you are mandated to follow specific procedures that work together in an effort to safeguard confidential business information. A big portion of this involves using professional document destruction services, which will contribute to compliance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA). Each of these has industry standards in place when it comes to the privacy and protection of sensitive business matters.

ShredPro Secure is happy to provide clients with industry-leading shredding services, within the Jefferson City area. Our qualified team has extensive experience assisting small and large companies through both regular shredding and periodic, one-time purge document shredding services.

Turning to professionals for your document shredding needs gives your staff time and focus on spending their working hours on job duties they were hired to carry out, rather than tasks that can be completed by an outside team. For the sake of your business, professional shredding provides you with a valuable solution that is hard to match internally. An office shredder simply does not offer the same level of security over your business, and often they break down, leading to unnecessary costs down the road.

ShredPro Secure Offers the Following:

  • Regular, Scheduled Document Shredding – With this simple option, clients simply select from weekly, bi-weekly, or every 4 weeks service; frequency depends on your interest and needs. We provide clients with collection containers that are entirely lockable. These are free of charge when you work with us on a regular basis. Shredding is completed on-site at your Jefferson City location.
  • One-time Purge Shredding Services – This is the perfect option for Jefferson City clients who are relocating in the near future and could take advantage of a purge clean-out of their documents. Alternatively, companies may prefer this service if they are only interested in occasional shredding.
  • Residential Document Shredding – If you have old junk mail piling up or bank documents to get rid of, we can do this safely for you. Our shredding specialists securely shred your documents directly at your Jefferson City residence.
  • Hard Drive Destruction – Unfortunately, deleting or wiping a hard drive doesn’t always mean that data has been removed. In most cases, files can still be recovered with the right intent and specialized software. The only method of data removal that is 100% trustworthy, through professional hard drive shredding solutions.

Why Hire ShredPro Secure in Jefferson City?

Working with ShredPro Secure will help your business reduce its internal business costs while contributing to overall compliance with privacy legislation. Our team is proud to be NAID AAA Certified, which means as a customer you can have peace of mind in knowing that our shredding procedures follow industry best practices.

After each shredding service, we provide our customers with documented proof of destruction. This Certificate of Destruction outlines the process was carried out properly, stating the specific date, time, and method of destruction.

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