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Oct 1, 2018

Close communities are a great thing to experience. When everyone gets along, watches out for each other, and gets together for events it creates a feeling of great friendship, and in some cases of extended family. These close communities do their best to keep each other safe from all kinds of harm, but there’s one that is harder for a community to combat. Identity theft tends to be a personal problem that requires a personal answer to solve, however that’s not necessarily true thanks to community shredding events.

Community Shredding Events

Many people out there are still in the dark when it comes to information safety. For example many of them still throw out old hard drives or other old data storage devices instead of having them shredded. In addition, only the really common kinds of documents, financial, banking, or medical records get destroyed properly as well. A great way to get the community together and promote the safety of private information is a shred event. Not only will you learn about all the different records you should be shredding, but the community as a whole will get to benefit.

How this works is very simple. Reach out to your local paper shredding company, one that offers shred events, and schedule a date, time, and place to have the event held. On the day of, a shred truck will arrive with a built in industrial grade shredder that will shred all your records into pieces so small that reconstruction becomes impossible. All shredding is carried out by uniformed, and certified shredding staff that are held to the highest levels of information security.

Not Just For Residents

Shred events aren’t just great for residents; they can be hosted by businesses to achieve the same objectives in raising awareness and protecting the community. This is also a great option for businesses with many clients who wish to provide their clients with peace of mind on how their information is being handled.

Shred events are an easy and fun way to raise awareness about information theft and safety. If you’re interested in hosting a shred event, reach out to us here at ShredPro Secure and we’ll work with you to figure out the details. We’re committed to combating identity, and information theft.

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