How Document Shredding Helps You

Aug 30, 2018

When people think about document shredding they are often thinking of it solely as a way to clean up space. While it certainly does work as a way to clear up the clutter of old papers, its primary concern is protecting your private information from the risks of identity theft. Carelessly discarded documents can lead to big head aches and long term problems due to the theft of some private information that ended up being put in the garbage. Properly shredding will help prevent this from happening.


Rising Cases of Theft

A sad truth is that cases of fraud in the United States are on the rise and there’s no sign that it’ll slow any time soon. In 2017/2018 there has been 1.1 million fraud reports made, with 21% of these having reported an actual loss. In total, this comes out to be $905 million in total fraud losses. Of the many different ways identity theft happens, credit card fraud alone has risen by 23%. As you can see, identity theft isn’t going away any time soon.

From a demographic’s perspective, most targeted people are the younger members of society. About 40% of fraud reports come in from people ages 20-29, while only 18% comes in from people ages 70+. With that said however, the 70+ age group end up losing more than the younger group does. For those interested in some numbers: Ages 20-29 lose $400, 70-79 lose $621, and people 80+ lose $1092.

How You Can Lower the Risks

Poor handling of your private records and data is a big contributor to identity theft. Files ending up in the garbage or left our carelessly where anyone can pick them up and carry them away, are all too common reasons. Proper organization and secure storage will help to lower the chances of theft when you are waiting to dispose of your files. However when it is time to dispose of them, there is only one way to be sure your information is destroyed.

Secure document shredding is a process that adheres to federal and state privacy regulations to ensure the proper destruction of private information. By putting your papers or hard drives through industrial grade shredding machines, you are ensured that all information is destroyed. The items are shredded so finely that reconstructing information from them is impossible. All material is also sent after shredding to be processed and recycled into new materials and products. Not only are you staying secure but you are supporting sustainability, which is a win, win.

If you’d like to maintain your information security and also support sustainability, reach out to a secure shredding company like ShredPro Secure. We’ll work with you to help you achieve your information security and sustainability goals.


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