How Paper Recycling Is Reducing Our Impact

Jun 6, 2018

Despite this digital age we now live in, the usage of paper has continued to sky rocket. In the last 20 years alone, paper use has increased 126%! 92 million tons has now turned into 208 million tons. This leads to a shocking 67 million trees a year being used for paper in the United States alone. Clearly we can’t continue on this way if we hope to preserve anything of nature, and thankfully paper recycling is doing a lot to contribute to this.

Some Paper Waste Facts

In the United States paper waste alone, makes up around 28% of all solid waste that ends up in the landfill, and this trend is only growing as time goes on. As paper use and waste grows, the paper industry’s impact on the environment will continue to increase as demand grows. This makes the need for increased recycling and sustainability projects more and more vital.

It’s estimated that in 2015, 5% of all industrial pollution can be traced back to the paper industry, which comes out to around 79,000 tons per year. The side effects of this ends up entering the environment through several means: 66% through the air, 24% is discarded on land, and 10% enters the water system. They of course eventually find their way into our drinking water and our food sources and finally into our own bodies. Everything we visit upon the land is returned to us somehow. The bright side of all of this is that progress is being made, and we must continue to push it forwards.

How Paper Recycling is Helping

The biggest way recycling is helping, and this is going to sound very obvious is that it’s reducing our impact. Paper recycling represents 66% of the total recycling efforts in the United States. It’s saving space in the landfills for non-recyclable waste and results in fewer landfills being opened. The resources required to convert recycled material back into a usable form uses up far less energy and water than making new paper from scratch. Recycling one ton of paper will save 7000 gallons of water, and the equivalent of six months worth of power. That will save around 17 trees, and reduce greenhouse emissions as live trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.

How ShredPro Secure is Helping

As a document shredding service provider, ShredPro Secure has a commitment to ensuring all paper material is sent for proper recycling. We make sure all shredded material is bailed and sent for recycling to be reused in new products. When you work with us you are directly contributing to environmental sustainability.

Reach out to us if you’re ready to help out and do your part while staying secure!

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