Mobile Shredding for Your Document Destruction Needs

Jun 1, 2016

Is your company considering outsourcing its shredding needs? While weighing out the shredding methods available to you, it’s important to be aware that there are two common services offered by document destruction companies – on-site, mobile shredding and off-site or plant-based shredding. At ShredPro Secure, customers can take advantage of both options, however if you are looking for fast and convenient shredding for your business, our mobile shredding solution is an ideal service that offers just that!

Our mobile shred trucks will arrive on-site to your business where a ShredPro Secure professional will proceed to shred your sensitive material before your eyes. Simply schedule a one-time pick-up service, or if beneficial to your document management program, request our on-going regular scheduled shredding option… Leave the rest to us!

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How does our on-site shredding option contribute to better business practice? Let’s take a look at some key advantages:

  • It’s Easy: Why transfer numerous boxes of documents to an off-site facility, when you can have the document destruction process take place right on your premises without having to go anywhere! Take advantage of little distraction in your workday and no inconvenient trips.
  • Lockable Collection Bins: At ShredPro Secure, we provide our customers with quality and lockable, collection bins in which all confidential material can be stored in safely, before getting collected for destruction. Place these containers in your office wherever you feel is appropriate.
  • Certified Shredding: Following the shredding process, ShredPro Secure will present customers with a Certificate of Destruction that identifies all documents have been shred in accordance with federal and Tennessee privacy laws.
  • 100% Unrecoverable: Our state-of-the-art mobile shred trucks are designed with industry-leading equipment that makes it impossible for your sensitive documents to be pieced back together.
  • CostEffective: When you make the decision to partner with ShredPro Secure, you get the best value for your money; what may take you hours to shred with an office shredder can be completed in a matter of minutes with our mobile shred technology.
  • Shredding Can be Witnessed: We encourage and welcome employees to watch the shredding process from beginning to end, for peace of mind that their information is, in fact, secure. Confirm that your information has been destroyed for good directly from the parking lot of your place of business!

ShredPro Secure provides professional and secure document shredding services throughout Knoxville that assists companies in protecting their brand, organization, and identity. Maintaining your security is of our greatest importance!

Get in touch with us at your convenience to set up a regular schedule shredding service at 865-986-5444.

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