Replace Your Office Shredder with Professional Document Shredding

Feb 13, 2018

The majority of companies across the United States are now well familiar with the importance behind secure, document disposal habits. In a day where information theft is an increasing concern and occurring all of the time, it’s essential that you are implementing secure, document management practices to protect sensitive information. You store and circulate confidential information on a daily basis; records usually pertain to customers, employees, marketing plans, contacts, budgets, and financial details; all of which are highly sensitive.

Forget office shredders, go professional

Records with such information require secure shredding if they are no longer being used; document shredding ensures your total security and ensures you remain in compliance with stringent security and privacy laws. It’s important to remember that the information found in your business records could offer enough ammunition to an individual if they obtain such files without your knowledge. This of course occurs when paperwork is disposed of in a recycling or garbage bin rather than destroyed first. Failing to shred sensitive files will leave your business’ reputation on the line; recovering from potential financial penalties and/or negative word of mouth from members of your community can be very challenging.

Perhaps you’re currently using an office shredder at your place of business and consider this enough. Unfortunately in-house document shredding does not provide the same level of security over your documents, and due to the fact that it requires employee operation, your staff will be pulled away from their regular job duties to complete the shredding, thus wasting valuable business time.  Of course this is better than failing to shred all together, but tasking an employee can be more difficult and risky than you’d imagine. If your business is one currently using this device, it’s time to reconsider this decision.

Why is Professional Document Shredding a Better Choice? 

Save Money:  When you rely on your office shredder to perform regular document shredding, you’ll quickly realize that business costs will increase over time between a loss in employee productivity, and the repair/replacement costs that will come with your office shredder. When you stop and factor these components in, you’re likely losing more money than it’s worth. Most importantly; time is money, and every time you require an employee to leave their individual job duties, you are taking away from potential business earnings. Professional document shredding is easy and quick. The majority of document shredding companies come to YOU!  No wasted time transporting documents off-site, and no hassles associated with office shredders that break down. Office shredders typically need to be replaced regularly and they are not built to shred through staples, elastics, and clips unlike the capabilities offered by shredding providers. You save money and time when you choose professional document shredding to protect your sensitive documents.

Certified Document Shredding:  Unlike  document shredding that is completed in-house, a professional document shredding company will supply you with certified documentation at the end of each shred job which specifies when and where destruction process took place, and that it was completed by industry experts who practice compliant document shredding. When the shredding of your documents is completed with an office shredder, it’s very rarely recorded; Due to this fact, there is no guarantee provided that the shredding was performed properly, or in accordance with critical legislation like FACTA/HIPAA.  Should you be audited unexpectedly, in-house shredding could lead to questioning; save yourself the stress and headache and hire a professional business that specializes in document shredding.

Qualified Screened Professionals: Nobody wants to believe that an employee could be disloyal, and asking them to shred old paperwork may seem like a simple enough job, right?  You must remember however, that professional shredding companies receive an entirely different and more elaborative, screening process that would be incomparable to standard employee screening. Security checks are mandatory for shredding specialists, and rightfully so as they are responsible for your sensitive matters. Unfortunately, employee fraud is on the rise and it can be a risky decision to have employees responsible for such a thing. Shred specialists receive a criminal record check, as well as a thorough background check before being hired. These industry experts are well-informed, skilled, and of course have years of experience in supplying safe and secure document shredding for customers.

Document Shredding is Monitored: When shredding in-house, locating another available employee to witness the shredding can be hard as this distracts them from their daily work routine. The reality is most business owners don’t have the resources or budget to waste time on such a process. If an employee isn’t supervised during shredding however, it can be pretty easy to become lazy with it, tossing a pile directly to the garbage bin instead because of pure convenience.  This seemingly minor mistake could be a costly one and may threaten your company’s security. Usually, you have the ability to watch your records being shred from the beginning of the process through until completion, when you hire a professional document shredding company.


Advanced Level of Security: Professional document shredding companies will provide you with lockable security containers, so you can have peace of mind that your material is safe from prying eyes and/or exposure. All material stays 100% secure until containers are at capacity and need to be emptied for servicing.  The shred containers act as the perfect reminder to secure any sensitive documents that are no longer relevant, rather than throwing them away to the trash without careful consideration. There is little security with an office shredder because sensitive documents are often still placed in piles on desks, or situated by the printing station out in plain sight. This exposure could contribute to stolen records, which could negatively impact your business.

ShredPro Secure provides industry leading document destruction services that are carried out at your place of business; our mobile shred trucks are capable of shredding through thousands of records in a matter of minutes. For reliable document shredding services you can trust in, partner with a professional. Your security impacts the success of your business; be sure you’re making it a priority.

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