Shredding Medical Records

Nov 28, 2018

When it comes to the topic of shredding documents, many people tend to forget about their medical records. Who cares if someone finds out you had a broken arm at some point, what does it matter if a stranger finds out about an operation you had? In point of fact it matters a great deal and can lead to potential trouble for you down the road.


How Can This Cause You Trouble?

Beyond the simple fact of experiencing a breach of privacy, you can experience headaches for years to come. One issue you’d come across is bills. If someone has obtained enough of your medical records to pass as you, you may end up being served bills worth thousands of dollars for procedures and medication you never needed. The process to dispute the bill is long, hard, and can take you years to settle, as proving that you never in fact had anything to do with it is incredibly difficult.

Furthermore, should you have a real visit to the hospital you may end up being prescribed medications and having to have procedures for problems that are not yours. This can lead to complications that will do you great harm, and end up making the jobs of health care professionals far more difficult. Getting to the bottom of these issues is again a long and hard process; it is very difficult to prove that your perspective is right. Be sure to be prompt when it comes to safely destroying your medical records, and be sure that they are stored securely when you have to retain them.

Sometimes medical records will contain x-rays that will need to be destroyed as well. One thing to keep in mind is that x-rays shouldn’t be simply shredded in the same manner as paper documents. While yes, they do need to be sent through a shredder to be destroyed, ensure that the service you are using will recycle the remains properly. X-rays have additional materials that can be recycled in support of sustainability, so ensuring you choose a service that supports this is vital for those wishing to support sustainability practices.

If you have medical records or x-rays that need shredding and then disposal, reach out to ShredPro Secure and we’ll work with you to find a solution for your needs.

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