Taking Care of Your Secure Documents

Oct 29, 2018

Without a doubt we all end up with some kind of secure documents at some point in our lives. Sometimes its obvious and others times it may not be, but one way or another we must all be sure we are taking the proper steps to protect these records. Most of us probably tend to be a little careless now and then with these files, either because we don’t realize what is being handled or maybe because we haven’t been educated on how to properly handle them. Today we’ll specifically talk about ways to properly store your records if you need to hold onto them for a while, or if you merely are collecting them until shredding arrives.

Storing When Waiting For Shredding

One of the most common reasons to store documents for a period is when you are producing records regularly and need to wait for shredding to come and destroy them. In situations like these it’s important to have both an organized system to ensure records find their way into storage as well as a secure place to keep them. Your best option in this situation is to use a secure shred bin or console. These units are lockable and are filed through a letter slot at the top, ensuring that records can go in but can only come out when the authorized personnel unlock the unit. This equipment gives you the best combination of security and organization, whether you need them for a business with multiple people depositing papers, or if you want a bit more security at home.

Storing When You Simply Need to Hold on to Them

There are times when a document is not destined to the shredder, or at least maybe not for a good long time. In cases like these it is very important to have a plan for storing these records securely for whatever period of time you intend to retain them for.  We’ll give you a few options you should consider.

Consider keeping your records in a safe that’s hidden in an out of the way place. This is probably your most secure option when it comes to keeping records for awhile. If a safe isn’t an option try and use some other lockable storage that can’t be carried away. A desk drawer or filing cabinet with locks may not be Fort Knox, but both are far better than leaving records out in the open. Getting a safety deposit box is also an option to consider if you need secure storage but have no place onsite for it.

Regardless of your choices, take steps not to pass around knowledge of it to everyone you meet. People can’t look for something that they don’t know exists. Keeping records out of sight out of mind, secure and organized, will definitely improve your handling of secure documents. If you need help with storage, or are looking for secure shredding, we here at ShredPro Secure can help you.

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