The Benefits of Secure Document Shredding

Dec 21, 2015

ShredPro Secure Knoxville Shredding Company Truck

When your company’s office paperwork becomes too cluttered, it becomes necessary to have your unneeded documents properly destroyed. At ShredPro Secure, we supply document shredding services to many companies in Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee.

By teaming up with ShredPro Secure to destroy your sensitive paperwork, you will be able to reap several rewards, both from a financial standpoint and from a security one. The benefits of having responsible, professional document destruction services include…

Following laws and Regulations

As a NAID Certified Company, we guarantee that all of your company’s private and sensitive documents will be destroyed using a professional process while following all state and federal regulations. After each shredding job is completed, you will be given a Certification of Destruction, which is legal documentation that all of your private data was properly destroyed and confidential.

Affordable, Secure Destruction

Like many other Knoxville businesses, your company most likely has a demanding daily work schedule. To save you time and money, our advanced shredding equipment can destroy thousands of documents within minutes. Our prices are also fair and affordable, with no hidden fees.

Shredding Different Types of Material

When you hire ShredPro Secure for your shredding needs, we can destroy more than just your paper documents; we can shred a variety of different material, such as hard drives, backup tapes and x-rays.

Environmentally Friendly

By simply tossing away paperwork in the trash, you are potentially causing harm to the environment. ShredPro Secure takes all of your shredded paper and ensures it is collected for recycling, where material is turned into new paper products.

As a locally owned business, ShredPro Secure is heavily involved with the local Knoxville community as we support local organizations. For more information on how we can assist your business with our document shredding services, call us at 1-(865) 986-5444

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