Using Scheduled Shredding To Stay Compliant

Jan 29, 2020

As you may be aware by now, you have legal responsibilities when it comes to the safe handling of private information. Being in compliance with these regulations is essential to avoid running afoul with the law, not to mention what could happen from information theft. 

Some may think it a difficult task to keep on top of shred requirements. Scheduled shredding service is the answer to your troubled mind.

The main issue seems to be due to the amount of documents produced. For a large business, financial institution, or credit agency, chances are you’re constantly outputting sensitive documents. Piles and piles of papers that, by law, you must stay on top of. It’s entirely possible to drown in them, have things get misplaced, or otherwise fall behind.

So in order to not fall behind, one must stay ahead. This is done through some regularly scheduled shredding. Since you should not be handling the shredding yourself for compliance reasons, you’re most likely using a shredding service provider. This provider will set up a schedule based on your needs, according to which they will come to your location and shred.

Scheduled Shredding On-site

Since the shredding job is done at your location, it requires no extra effort on your part. A busy workplace won’t have to sacrifice valuable business time, and will still be able to stay on top of compliance. Additionally, some special equipment will be left behind so your records can stay safe while waiting for the shredder.

This equipment takes the form of secure shredding bins, which act as convenient and secure receptacles for your documents. They are designed to fit in unobtrusively around your workplace and provide easy access for employees. They have the added benefit of making your shredding procedure training simpler for new hires.

By having set dates for service based around your needs, you won’t have to worry about falling behind. You’ll be freed to focus on other aspects of your information security. There really is no reason not to be using this service.

You can, of course, sign up for this by contacting us and letting us know your needs. Our goal is to maintain people’s information privacy in the face of growing theft trends, help you avoid non-compliance fees, and further the sustainability effort by recycling all shredded documents. 

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