What’s With All Those Mobile Shredding Trucks?

Jul 4, 2018

When looking up different shred companies to take care of your shredding, you’ll notice a common trend among them: they all have these shredder trucks for on site shredding. Now some people aren’t sure what the big deal is with these trucks and often wonder why all of these companies are jumping on the train and using them. The long and short of it is this: they offer the best combination of security and convenience for paper shredding needs.

A Built-In Shredder? What For?

Wouldn’t having a built-in shredder drive up operating costs and increase the chances of mechanical failure with the trucks?  This seems like too much of a hassle when you can just have the papers collected at a stationary facility and then not worry about trucks breaking down all over the place. As with all mechanical devices, there is always a risk of failure, and maintenance does have to happen regularly to keep things running smoothly, but the benefits of these trucks far outweigh any potential detriments.

The convenience aspect of these trucks cannot be over stated. By allowing people and businesses to get professional shredding right at their location, they are far more likely to take the necessary steps to shred their secure documents to stay safe from the risks of identity theft. This is especially true for those that produce a large quantity of documents on a regular basis, since they don’t have to worry about packaging up hundreds of pounds of documents and then some, shipping them all.

The security and peace of mind that a mobile shred truck can provide to clients cannot be beat. Dealing with sensitive documents is a business that requires a lot of trust on behalf of people who hand over these files to professionals. How does the truck overcome this then? Very simply, it’s because of the ability given to clients to watch the entire shred process from start to finish.

Witnessing shredding is the best way for clients to be certain their files have been destroyed properly. From collection, truck loading, and then watching the video feed from the interior camera, the entire process is viewable. This leaves absolutely no doubt at all as to what become of those papers you handed over.

ShredPro Secure has advanced shred trucks that you can take advantage of for all your secure shredding needs. If you’re in need of document shredding, and want the most secure services, reach out to us today and tell us your needs. We’ll be by to help you out.

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