When Is Purge Shredding Right For You?

Mar 4, 2020

Small businesses and homeowners may not need to arrange a scheduled service to achieve their shredding needs, simply because they are not producing records regularly enough to justify it. So what to do then? You will still need to be on top of your records, and that includes shredding them. Fortunately, there is a specific option out there just for this situation: Purge Shredding. Great, you might say, but what does this really mean beyond sounding impressive? Let’s find out.

What Is Purge Shredding?

Purge shredding is a service offered for those that need shredding once in a while. The service comes to your location and, just like the other services, shreds your documents. The important thing here is that no job is too big or small for this. You can be a business with a large backlog of records or a humble homeowner with a simple pile of letters. That is what the service is all about – a simple and straightforward answer to a common problem.

When to Get A Purge

How do you determine when it is appropriate to use a purge shredding service? The simple answer is when you have documents to shred, of course! And this is completely true, but are there any records specifically you should be on the lookout for? The answer to that would be yes, as some records are a bit more sensitive than others.

Medical Records

After a visit to the doctor’s office, or an unfortunate stay in the hospital, you’re going to end up with some documents afterward. While they may seem harmless and not of any interest to those who would be thieves, they can lead to big headaches. Consider what can happen should someone use your information to get medications. If you’re on a prescription, you may suddenly be over your limit and unable to get more.

On the opposite side, someone could steal your identity for their medical issues, and suddenly it’s in your records. This can lead to you receiving medications you don’t need, the wrong medical advice, and possibly huge bills you can’t pay. It’s hard to course correct from these issues, but it’s doable if you push on.

Financial, Banking, And Credit Records

Among the common records that are at risk are those that pertain to money. It is, after all, the thing the world turns around, and these records are therefore a huge target. The common records most people will accumulate are most likely bank statements, letters about your investments, and credit card bills. While seemingly harmless enough, there is information in these that those who would do you harm can use. If these documents aren’t disposed of carefully, the information they contain is at risk.

Every little bit of information gathered is a piece of a puzzle used to construct a false identity, or to straight-up steal yours. Bank accounts could get emptied, or large bills racked up on your credit cards leaving you with massive debts. All because you may have been a little careless with your information.

Take No Chances

What it all comes down to is that you should take no chances with your information. Purge shredding is for everybody and it does not matter how many or few files need to be shredded. Use it whenever you have records that could put you at risk and maintain your peace of mind.

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