How a Clean-Desk Policy Helps Promote Security

Do you know what “hot desking” is and has your Knoxville business ever considered it?  If you’re unfamiliar with the term, this process basically means your staff doesn’t have specific seating or assigned desks; rather, each employee has the ability to move throughout the office during the day, working in different areas of the office as they…
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Stericycle’s Intends to Discontinue On-site shredding

Stericycle, the company who acquired Shred-it in 2015 is planning on discontinuing their on-site shredding option and want to convert their customers over to off-site shredding. However the Mobile Shredding Association (MSA)  is less then thrilled with the company’s move to pull away from on-site shredding, stating it will cause many complications with control over the…
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Mobile Shredding for Your Document Destruction Needs

Is your company considering outsourcing its shredding needs? While weighing out the shredding methods available to you, it’s important to be aware that there are two common services offered by document destruction companies – on-site, mobile shredding and off-site or plant-based shredding. At ShredPro Secure, customers can take advantage of both options, however if you…
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Identity Theft and Dumpster Diving

Generally speaking, nobody enjoys the day when it’s time to pay those hefty utility bills that turn up each month. Once each bill is sorted out and paid, a lot of us are guilty of tucking the paperwork away in the garbage or recycling bin, assuming there is no need to reference anything. While this…
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The Paper Shredding Machine – How it Started

An interesting look at where it began….find out the story behind the paper shredding machine!
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The Benefits of Secure Document Shredding

When your company’s office paperwork becomes too cluttered, it becomes necessary to have your unneeded documents properly destroyed. At ShredPro Secure, we supply document shredding services to many companies in Knoxville and throughout East Tennessee. By teaming up with ShredPro Secure to destroy your sensitive paperwork, you will be able to reap several rewards, both…
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